Styles and Systems We Offer

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo

American Kenpo Karate is a Comprehensive scientific and analytical system of self defense that consists of basics, stances, blocks, parries, punches, strikes, finger techniques, kicks, and foot maneuvers. Also techniques against grabs and tackles, pushes, punches, kicks, holds and hugs, locks and chokes, weapons, and multiple attackers as well as combinations of the above, sets and forms, freestyle techniques. Also, the theories, concepts, and principles formulated by senior grandmaster Ed Parker.      

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is an Ancient Chinese Internal Art that focuses on slow motion movement and the understanding of natural movement in relationship to one’s skeletal and muscular structure. Tai Chi has six major family styles or divisions: Chen’s, Yang’s, Wu’s, Sun’s, Fu’s as well the combined or Olympic form (from the P.R.O.C.). Our Curriculum features the 24 movement form (WU Style), The Yang long form (108 moves), The Chen’s short form, Tai Chi broadsword, and sword form.

Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Praying Mantis (Tang Lang) Kung Fu is a classical system of Chinese martial arts. the system of mantis is divided into many styles such as the six harmony, seven star, eight step, Tai Chi & Long Fist Mantis. Also weapon sets from the 18 classical weapons. (Staff, Spear, Saber, Sword, Etc..) Classes consist of  stance practice, basic punches, blocks, steps & kicks. the emphasis is on the study of forms which are “encyclopedias of motion” that contain many hidden techniques within the movements. Two person sets are taught to each students the basis of sparring with an opponent.  

Okinawan/Japanese Kobujutsu

Kobujutsu (ancient Martial Arts) is the study of the classical Okinawan Weaponry. Such as the Bo (Staff), Tonfa (Grindstone Handle), Nunchaku (Rice Flail), Kama (Sickle), & More Obscure weapons. The Arts of Sojutsu (Use of the Yari [spear]) and the Naginata (Halbred) Jo (The art of the short staff) Are also taught ast the dojo (school). The Nindo Ryu Fudoshin Kobukai is a member of Nindo Ryu Kokusai ( Nindo Ryu International) & the Zen Sakai Nindo Ryu Remmei.

Filipino Martial Arts


American-Filipino Arnis-Escrima-Kali Training System is a conglomeration of several filipino martial arts. “Arnis” Refers to “Arnis De Mano” A Spanish term that means harness of the hand. “Escrima” was also a spanish term that means “skirmish” & refers to fencing. “Kali” is a Filipino word that refers to the “Kalis” ( A particular type of sword used in that region). The A.F.A.E.K.T.S. teaches the use of the “Baston” (stick) First, to show the student the various angles of attack & Defense. disarming techniques are also taught. You, then can easily transfer the movements into empty hand actions! The use of double sticks, “ Espera & Daga” (Sword & Dagger), knife as well as many other weapons are taught in the curriculum. Aspects of joint locks and manipulations. (Dumog) Kicking techniques (sikaran) are included.

Teachers Masters Grandmasters & Mentors

Here are some photographs of some of the instructors I have trained with over the decades.


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